Tournament Rules

Teams must check-in at the mandatory registration one hour prior to their first game, and 30 minutes prior to each following game. Failure to check-in may result in a forfeit.

Current laminated USYSA player cards will be required of all CYSA-S players and must be available for inspection at the initial check-in and at the start of each game. All teams traveling from outside CYSA-S must meet the proper travel guidelines and be approved by the Tournament Committee as per the sanctioning of the tournament. All proper player loan forms must be filled in, signed, and presented at the initial mandatory check-in. Medical Release forms will be required at each check-in and must be kept on hand at all times by the team administrator.

A copy of the Hawks USYS Application to Host a Tournament is available upon request for players from teams outside CYSA-S needing travel authorization.

The tournament Director has final say in regards to safety conditions and equipment. All players must wear shin guards.

Further instruction and clarification may be communicated by email in a timely manner.

There will be no refunds given after the stated application deadline. Prior to the application deadline, refunds will be given minus a $100.00 administrative fee. If any or all of the tournament is canceled due to inclement weather, teams will be issued partial refunds as determined by the tournament committee.

The Temecula Valley Shootout Tournament director will have the ability to allow a player to play on more than one team during the tournament. This will only be considered if the teams the player is on, are in different age groups and/or brackets, the player is from the same club and if the player is age appropriate (including a play up player).

The tournament will follow the US SOCCER PDI’s (and SCDSL rules) regarding build-out lines, off-side, heading etc.

All games will be played under FIFA rules with USYSA and CYSA-S adjustments for youth competition. The following additions and clarifications apply:

Game Format:

2010-2012 (7 v 7) teams:

Two 25 minute periods with a 5 minute halftime 
Roster limit - 12
Ball size - 4

2008-2009 (9 v 9) teams: 

Two 25 minute periods with a 5 minute halftime
Roster limit - 14
Ball size - 4

2006-2007 (11 v 11) teams: 

Two 30 minute periods with a 5 minute halftime
Roster limit - 18
Ball size (2006) - 4
Ball size (2005) - 5

*Unlimited loan players for all groups

All age groups the goalie will be allowed to punt the ball.  NO HEADING WILL BE ALLOWED FOR AGE GROUPS 2009 and younger. This is per Cal South and US Soccer guidelines.  

Substitutions are unlimited but require the Referee’s permission.

The Home Team is required to submit a game ball if the tournament fails to do so. The Home Team is required to switch jersey colors in the event of a conflict as determined by the Referee. No spectators may sit on the same side of the field as the teams. The spectators should sit directly across the field from their team. Home team may decide which half of the field to sit on. No spectators may interfere with the Referee crew, Coaches, or Players from the sideline or behind the goal. Coaches are responsible for their sidelines and spectators.

CYSA-S rules apply to all cautions and ejections. Any assault on a Referee by a player, coach, or spectator will result in a minimum of being expelled from the tournament and it’s locations during operations of the tournament.

No protests are allowed.

Teams will be awarded points for games in the preliminary round:

3 points for a win 

1 point for a tie 

0 points for a loss

Ties in points in the preliminary rounds shall use the following tiebreaker rules in order:

The winner in head-to-head competition

Goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed to a maximum differential of 4 per game)

Least goals allowed

Most goals scored

Shut-out wins (forfeits not counting)

FIFA kicks from the penalty mark

If there is a tie between three or more teams for advancement after steps 1-5 have been followed, then step 6. will be decided by the Tournament Committee.

If Semi-Final and Championship games are tied at the end of the regulation time, the game will be decided by FIFA kicks from the penalty mark.

Results from a second day weather disruption will be decided by Tournament Committee.